Let's Hobnob : Unfold

11 maj


11.05.2018, 20:00
Forsalg: 80 kr. // Dør: 100 kr.
Arrangør: Kunstkollektivet Bloomy Hobnob

​Velkommen til den tredje Hobnob hvor vi skaber rum for kreativ udfoldelse og interaktion. En mulighed at udforske vores neurale mønstre og skabe nye forbindelser til menneskelige, ikke-menneskelige og universelle elementer i vores omgivelser.

Kom og tune ind til de kollektive og abnorme frekvenser og vær med til at skabe en magisk aften. 

Forsalg: 80 kr. (+gebyr)
Entré i døren: 100 kr. (såfremt eventet ikke er udsolgt i forsalg)
Aldersgrænse: 16+ (Alle under 16 er velkommen i selskab af voksen)

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Welcome to the third Hobnob.
We will hold a space for creative expression and interaction. An opportunity to explore our neural pathways and activate connections with human, nonhuman and other-than-human elements in our surroundings.

Tune in to the collective and abnormal frequencies and evolve throughout the night.

Presale: 80 Dkk (+fees)
Door: 100 Dkk (if the event is not sold out)
Age limit: 16+ (Everyone under 16 are welcome in company with an adult)

Malan Elise (DK)
Singer, songwriter, composer and producer. At the moment she performs and shares completely new material and invite the listener into a universe where she blends dark electronic beats, her approach to jazzy chords, big layers of choir and her sometimes experimental way of composing. It's personal, orotund, sensitiv, raw and harmonic at the same time.

A Copenhagen based cello, clarinet and guitar/vocals trio. With the three womens individual voices braided together, in melodies, timbral sounds, and text universes both in norwegian and danish, they open up a box they call chamber/folk/songwriter, and create songs inspired by the Scandinavian nature and musical traditions.
Himla are Adine Fliid as composer, vocals and guitar, Oda Dyrnes on cello and Siri Iversen on clarinet.

Ekkostøj (DK) Improv
A solo project of Ekkostøj Furthersound.
Exploring echo, noise and ambience Ekkostøj creates a vast universe of sound. Within this sound he search for a relaxed state of mind.
Greatly inspired by electronic pioneers as Schulze and Eno he tries to mix their ambience feel with the concept of "wall of sound," while remaining one man and bound by whatever his pedals, amps, voice and instruments are able to create. http://furthersounds.dudaone.com/ekko

More to be announced.
Stay tuned!