Let's Hobnob : Turn on

20 apr


20.04.2018, 20:00
Forsalg: 80 kr. // Dør: 100 kr.
Arrangør: Kunstkollektivet Bloomy Hobnob

​Velkommen til den anden Hobnob hvor vi skaber rum for kreativ udfoldelse og interaktion. En mulighed at udforske vores neurale mønstre og skabe nye forbindelser til menneskelige, ikke-menneskelige og universelle elementer i vores omgivelser.

Kom og tune ind til de kollektive og abnorme frekvenser og vær med til at skabe en magisk aften. 

Forsalg: 80 kr. (+gebyr)
Entré i døren: 100 kr. (såfremt eventet ikke er udsolgt i forsalg)
Aldersgrænse: 16+ (Alle under 16 er velkommen i selskab af voksen)

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Welcome to the second Hobnob.
We will hold a space for creative expression and interaction. An opportunity to explore our neural pathways and activate connections with human, nonhuman and other-than-human elements in our surroundings.

Tune in to the collective and abnormal frequencies and evolve throughout the night.

Presale: 80 Dkk (+fees)
Door: 100 Dkk (if the event is not sold out)
Age limit: 16+ (Everyone under 16 are welcome in company with an adult)

Igor Wolfson (DE/RU) Performance
He grew up in a family of musicians and artists and from his youth sang and played in different bans in St. Petersburg. When he moved to Berlin he created a few new bands.
New friends from Amsterdam, resident of Rijksakademie, artists Roman Volgin and brothers Kazachenko and Berlin artist Antoin Laiko, inspired him to engage in contemporary art. His idols are Martin Kippenberger, Joseph Beuys, Mike Kelley and the Fluxus art movement.
After visiting Rijksakademie Wolfson has made a number of performances in Berlin, Rostock, Amsterdam and Moscow, and in 2014 he founded the art platform Leize Jenius, inspired by the Fluxus art movement. Together with friends he organized 14 group exhibitions in the period of three years. Wolfson's work is his reaction to the events taking place in the world around him. It analyzes cultural, religious and historical events and passes them through itself to create new performances, songs, objects, videos, installations and exhibitions.

ROSYAN (DK/IR) Ambient Dance Music
Rosanna Lorenzen is a Danish/Iranian composer and sound artist, currently studying at DIEM at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. ROSYAN is the name of her solo project, where she explores the meeting between the acoustic and electronic world, as well as the visual element in an auditory context. 
With her cello in the lead role she continuously balances between improvisation and predetermined form, in which she interacts with the instrument and its possibilities. Field recordings and live looping of the cello includes what you can meet in her atmospheric and organic soundscapes, which she categorizes as ADM (Ambient Dance Music) - a self-invented term.

Mavi Express (FR/LT/IT) Acoustic/Electric Music performance
A lo-fi musical project based in Copenhagen. The group presents their particular type of sound by drawing the inspiration from the noise, Mediterranean music traditions, free impro and punk culture. Their second album Sirens was release on February 2018, where the band furthermore explores their obsessions with poetic folk and abrasive chaos.

Tropico del Cancer (ES) Electro-acoustic Music Performance
A.k.a. Juan Pino’s minimal and poetic sound universe recalls the world roots and the magic of dreams. From the many travels to the Andes, the Amazon forest, Lapland and the Ganges riverbanks he gathered a bunch of instruments and impressions in his tiny wooden house in a park of Copenhagen. There, marimba, harmonicas, kalimbas, hammered dulcimer, organa and various percussion found a new life in an organic landscape, at times naked and acoustic, other times electronically processed, now groovy and then noisy.
Each concert, performance or installation is different, possibly working with the specific site and including improvisation. Tropico del Cancer is often a starting point for collaborations including visuals, dance or Juan’s own poetry in Spanish.
Juan was born in Ecuador, grew up on the Alps and lives now in Copenhagen where he has been percussionist in bands such as Valravn, Suna, Trypical Cumbia and Heilung, as well as singer-songwriter with Quemando Palabras. Tropico del Cancer is his new solo act.www.juanpino.dk

Fungus Loving Humanoids (DK) Improv Techno/Trance
A techno/trance improvisational quartet consisting of Jonas Falk, Julie Østengaard, Sølve Skov and Ekkostøj.
Rather than the regular way to make techno/trance, in the studio, "Fungus Loving Humanoids" tries to make their concerts connect to their audiences' state of mind through improvisation. This make each of their concerts a trippy one time experience.
The music is often driven by a steady bass driven rhythm with underlying psychedelic soundscapes, with a sometime psychotic feel other times an ambient relaxation.They vary which instruments they play, some times they even include tribal vocals into the pumping beats.
They like to experiment at their concerts and have, among other, one time made a live soundtrack to Sergei Eisensteins "October" at a screening, and have at another time played along with 150 Jew's harps shared out among the audience.
If you have seen them live you know who they are, if you haven't you're in for a trip and a treat. https://soundcloud.com/funguslovinghumanoids

Bonne nuit, Johnny (DK/SE)
Dark and grandiose, noisy and light. It's a new creative frequency for Copenhagen based Rasmus Brix who on this project has joined forces with Marco Egeberg (electric guitar), Nicoline Egeberg (synthesizer) and D. Tuomi (bass, noise, drums). "Bonne nuit, Johnny" came into existence during a recording session in an old water tower in the fall of 2017. A debut album with recordings from the tower will be released in 2018. 
Below: two songs from the album. 
Video: https://youtu.be/KELSaX4yWas
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-707477290/wargrave

More to be announced.
Stay tuned!